25. 七月 2020 - 8:00
Your laptop, Ubud

How to Survive & Thrive in the Pandemic Age - Online Retreat | 星期六, 25. 七月 2020

The retreat will combine the wisdom and practices from eastern and western medicine to provide you with simple practical, evidence-based activities to help you upgrade your lifestyle and your life so that you can survive the pandemic and become the best possible version of yourself.

On this retreat you will discover how to:

?RELAX on demand

?BUILD your immunity

?RELIEVE anxiety and fear

?OPTIMISE your living environment

?GROW mental and physical resilience



? Access the REPTILIAN brain,

♒️ Operate from your CONSCIOUS mind,

? Become more FOCUSED,

? Master your ENERGY level,


and overcome depression, self-doubt, fatigue, anxiety, and fear.

? This is A SHORTCUT to unlock yourself and live your life to your FULLEST POTENTIAL. ?


Embrace discomfort | Change your mindset | Become limitless

We breathe 25,000 times every day, 25,000 opportunities to start a new relationship with your mind.

What are you breathing for?

TAKE A DEEP BREATH… does any of those statements resonate with YOU?

? I do not know what to do if I get COVID

? I want to stay positive but don't know how

? I want to increase my ability to manage viral infections

? I feel anxious about the pandemic and the global situation

? I want to make the most of this special time in human history

? I struggle to focus

? I tend to procrastinate

? I can’t make clear decisions

? I am lost and look for my purpose in life

? I tend to self-doubt myself and feel depressed at time

? I have low energy that impacts my capability to remain motivated

? I have trouble sleeping

? I suffer from chronic pain

? I often feel anxious and overwhelmed

? I have often negative thoughts about myself

The TRUTH is, millions every single day are struggling with the exact same issues.

Multi tasking, constantly stuck in front of our phone, bombarded by social media ****, racing thoughts of the monkey brain but also bad food habits, pollution, stress...

Those are impacting our ability to STAY FOCUSED, experience HIGH LEVELS OF ENERGY & enjoy LIMITLESS motivation & drive.


In this five day ONLINE retreat, Professor Marc Cohen (aka Dr Marc) and Alexandre Tsuk (aka a (n)ice guy) will share evidence-based techniques that will enable you to change your mind, your body… and your life!

5 days off! (optional)

The @Home Extreme Retreat is also a digital detox: during the 5 days, you are strongly invited to turn off all social media and stay out of the internet (besides following the course of course).

We want you to be fully relaxed and focused and constant exposure to mass and social media is likely to stress you.

We want you to get the most of the @Home Extreme Retreat.

You will feel the impact !

It is TIME to finally:

? UNLOCK your full human potential

? ENHANCE the power of your mitochondria

? DECLUTTER your cellular operating system

? DISCOVER the key to better health, more energy, and a better mood

? INTERRUPT your stress response

? Use your breath to CHANGE your biochemistry and HACK your way to extreme comfort

? CHALLENGE your fears in a controlled and supportive environment

? CONNECT with the deep inner well of your being


In the 5 day retreat, Dr Marc and Alexandre will share:

? DAILY PRACTICE of different breathing techniques that will get you to connect deeply with yourself

? Detailed explanation of the science and BIOLOGY of breathing and ice bathing

? Daily exposition to COLD with cold showers and full ice bath immersions in the comfort of your home. We will tell you how to set it up and you will place the camera in your bathroom so we can guide you step by step. It will be as if we were right there with you! (you can keep your hat on)

? PRACTICAL TIPS to breathe better, sleep better, control your immune system and face your fear

? Authentic relating games to IMPROVE YOUR RELATION TO OTHERS and live more authentically

? Ways to let go of LIMITED BELIEFS and create a new powerful STATE OF MIND

? GUIDED MEDITATIONS to help you project the life you want to live

Are you ready to:

? EXPAND your experience of comfort, relaxation and joy and explore the edge of your comfort zone.

? ACCESS the deep inner-well of your being and HACK into your biological operating system though focused breathing, activity and relaxation sessions.

? DISCOVER lifestyle tweaks to overcome pain, inflammation and procrastination.

? PRACTICE mastery over your mind and body, and gain confidence

? PERFORM feats you thought were impossible.

?TRANSFORM your world through bathing and simple lifestyle practices that build resilience, self-confidence and foster extreme wellness.

In this @Home Extreme Retreat, you will gain clarity to those recurring thought patterns that have held you back in your relationships, careers and overall success. You will then create new daily mantras that not only attract more abundance and grant yourself permission to receive it when it arrives.



Example of planning: Bali time but we will adjust timing according to the location of the attendees.

All sessions will be recorded and recordings sent to the participants so if you miss a session for some reason, you can catch up.

8 am: Meditation

8.30 am: check in and introduction

9 am: Lecture

10 am: guided breathwork

11 am: Cold shower at home

12 pm: Circle to debrief the experience and answer questions

Expect to have fun, learn a lot and connect with amazing people from all over the world!

All this online!

I AM LIMITLESS includes an accountability group to follow up after the retreat and help you transform your life and access to the private Facebook Group of Breathing Cold Bali.


"Amazing, amazing, amazing and life changing!

Where to start! Such a transformative workshop. Without a doubt the best thing I have done for my personal development ever. Alex creates a fun, laid-back but very transformative experience, that will make you go well beyond your limiting beliefs. Alex will guide you on this journey, help you connect with your breath, connect with the other members of the group, connect with yourself and go really deep into parts of yourself you didn't know existed or you'd blocked out. The tools he will teach you will go beyond the workshop as you can totally apply them in your daily routines, in order to continue your spiritual journey, release any emotions that don't serve you, remove any limiting beliefs and live a happier and more content life. So grateful that I had the chance to do this, and connect with Alex as well as the rest of our amazing group! This is a must!"



This was such a unique and diverse experience! I thought I was signing up for ice baths and breathwork but I ended up with so much more. You could consider this a spiritual journey, if that's what you're looking for. In this workshop, you'll learn how to connect to the breath, manage emotions, offer gratitude, get to know your body, release old patterns, shed layers of fear, connect with nature, connect with others, and so much more. Alex is a gifted guide and offers a whole range of practical tools in his programs that can translate immediately to higher quality of living. All this with lightness and a sense of humor. I did the 3-day workshop and I can't recommend it enough. Many surprises, including incredible food for lunch and dinner. So grateful for this experience."


"Amazing retreat, highly recommended!

I participated in the 3 day retreat in November 2019 and was blown away by it. We had 8 wonderful people in our group, each with his / her own life story and challenges. Our facilitator Alex managed to train us so well in just two days that on the third day each of us was able to stay in freezing cold water for 10 minutes! It's all in the head :-) Anyone who faces a mental challenge in their life and is curious to try a rather new but amazing healing concept should sign up for one of Alex’s workshops or retreats. He is a master communicator and motivator and is truly driven by a passion for the science and to help people."


"Wow! I do not know where to start. Having done some breath work similar to this previously I had a rough idea of what was to come, but never could I have expected to have such a profound experience with Alex and the other retreat participants over the 3 days.

The three days were a progressive journey for each of us individually, but all of us as a whole, where we got to share a little on who we were and why we were there, to learning more about the science of the breath, to plunging in ice baths a couple of times a day to see that we were capable of so much more than we give ourselves a chance to see.

By the end of the second day, the group began to open up about their stories, their pain and their triumphs.

Day three was particularly special as it involved something really close to Alex’s heart, which has now become something really close to my heart. The group got an opportunity to see me for who I really am, and that person was lost for some time!

Alex help facilitate me showing my true self to this group who were initially strangers, but I now consider close friends!

Love to every single one of you!"


“ I can feel I can do anything, I feel stronger and healthier but also creative. The cold is now my sanctuary and figures out what i really want to do with my life.”

Ulla Risager

“Meeting Alex was serendipitous. I can’t thank you enough for your teachings. You showed me how to use my breath to get to where I want to go with my mind, to the point at which it rests and heals from the stress of everyday life.”

Miguel Cunat

“ I received beautiful messages for my spiritual journey. I will be using this more in my daily practice and go deeper.”

Vanessa Holiday

"I always struggled to get out of my head and back into connection with my body. I tried meditation, yoga and just "being present" but nothing seemed to work. And then I did the session with Alex where we practiced the deep breathing technique followed by the cold water plunge. I went from being a perambulating head on a stick to a fully integrated being...feeling totally at one with my body. It was a profoundly spiritual/emotional and deliciously physical experience. Don't let the fear of the cold turn you off...just let yourself do it and you will be surprised at how simple and transformative full mind/body integration really is."

Janet Hogan

“ Be cautious! Alex' passion for people is highly contagious! Not only did he introduce our group to the theoretical basics in the most professional and captivating way, he also gave us a tremendous space during the breathing and cold exposure. Thus, Cold Breathing felt more like Heart Warming. A mesmerising introduction that made me want to explore much deeper into what I am capable of in the realm of discomfort and fearlessness. “

Robin Moran

"Alex's workshop was truly amazing, it left me lost for words! I was very lucky to attend his first ever 3-day "Limitless" workshop, and I must admit that Alex delivered a real masterclass!

What stood out to me was his teaching style - strong encouragement and positive affirmations, devoid of any labels, focused on practice (breathing & ice-cold baths) and backed by the right dose of science/theory. The choice of venues was outstanding too - it was great to go to different locations, which made for varied experiences and no feeling of déjà vu. Also, we were in for a few surprises and everything was seamless throughout the three days!

I learnt a lot about myself and had the chance to be the most vulnerable and authentic during the workshop. Alex's words of encouragement and attention to me (I have water phobia) were amazing and I managed to stay over 8 minutes in the coldest ice bath! Yet, I would never have thought I could do it before the workshop, if Alex had told me that it was the goal!

All in all, I'm very grateful for that experience and I would definitely do it again :) If you're sitting on the fence, don't think too much - just book your spot and go for it! You will face some of your deepest fears and limiting beliefs - Alex will help you pust beyond them! Just trust in the process and hold on to the belief that everything will go right, because it will!"


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